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Production is equipped with modern high-precision metalworking centers and CNC machines.

Production potential of Empire of metals Ltd

  • Today the company's production area is more than 6,500 sq.m.
  • We use the latest and high-precision equipment from leading manufacturers from Italy, Germany, USA, Taiwan and Japan.
  • Every year we allocate funds for the expansion and renovation of the equipment park, we do not use outdated models.
  • Sources of raw materials - Great Britain, Germany. We have completely switched to high quality imported raw materials, the more we have moved away from our competitors.
  • Staff potential of the company - graduates from the best technical universities of the country.

What does our equipment park include?

The company owns a wide park of the latest equipment, namely:

  • Turning section,
  • Milling section,
  • Grinding section,
  • Boring section,
  • Blank section,
  • Tools section,
  • Welding section.

The production capacity makes it possible to produce products in a medium-series and large-scale series in 3 shifts.

Main* technological equipment park

Universal lathe machines
Models Quantity Description Worked parameters 
16В20 1 pc universal lathe machine ø 465*200 mm, ø 220*1000 mm
1А616 1 pc universal lathe machine ø 315*150 mm, ø 190*500 mm
1В06А 1 pc cam-operated machine ø 6*20 mm
Lathe machines with CNC
16М30Ф3121 2 pc CNC lathe machine ø 620*250 mm, ø 350*1700 mm
TS-814 1 pc CNC lathe machine with automatic feeding ø 250*400 mm
до ø 53 mm with automatic feed
LT150S 1 pc automatic lathe machine with sub-spindle ø 25 mm automatic feed
CNC Turning and Milling Machining Centers
HT-117 1 pc turning and milling machining center with "C" axes, including for power milling ø 700*3000 mm
до ø 115 mm with automatic feed
HT-117 1 pc turning and milling machining center with "C" and “Y” axes, including for power milling ø 700*1500 mm
до ø 115 mm with automatic feed
EX 910 1 pc turning and milling machining center with axes "C" and "Y" ø 300*600 mm 
до ø 75 mm with automatic feed
ТТ 42 2 pc automatic lathe with 8 axes and 4 spindles, sub-spindle with positioning along X and Z axes ø 53 mm automatic feed
Universal milling machines
6Т12 1 pc universal milling machine 560*220*400 mm
6Р82Г 2 pc universal milling machine 800*240*360 mm
675ПФ 1 pc universal milling machine 320*300*200 mm
CNC Milling Machines
UTAS 2 pc three-spindle four-axis CNC milling machines 430*210*70 mm
NOVAR 4 pc vertical milling with indexable heads and horizontal milling machines with rotary tables 2000*600*800 mm are equipped with boring systems up to ø 600 mm
FANUK ROBODRYL 1 pc two-pallet machining center 550*300*300 mm
Grinding machines
3Л723АФ2И 1 pc surface grinding machine 1250*320*280 mm
KON250 1 pc optical grinding machine 100*100*80 mm
CNC Grinding machines
NESI 1 pc CNC tool profile-grinding multi-axis machine ø 250*750 mm
Drilling machines
2-55 1 pc radial drilling machine max height of the detail
ø 50*1225 mm
2Б118 1 pc vertical drilling machine ø 18*250 mm
2М112 1 pc drilling machinev ø 12*100 mm
Blanking plot
KASTO 1 pc automat band-saw 640*640 mm (ø 640 mm)
ASIA FS4000D 1 pc machine for plasma and gas-oxygen cutting with CNC with a mode of finishing precision cutting along the contour (± 0,02 mm) sheet size
7000*3000 mm
thickness of plasma
steel - 150 mm
aluminum - 100 mm
thickness of gas-oxygen
steel - 200 mm
7Б35 1 pc cross-planer machine 350 - travel
  1 pc guillotine 2500*6 mm
  3 pc roller machines 2500 mm
  1 pc press 5000 kg

*basic equipment - constant minimum load from 50% of mash / hours

CTB «Central» – is the first step to idea realization!?

Empire of metals Ltd includes its own construction and technological bureau "Central". Professionalism, experience and talent of employees eliminate any obstacles in the implementation of the most complex projects

Each order is a new goal, and it will be achieved.

What are the tasks of “Central” CTB?

  • Designing of equipment and accessories according to the customer's drawings.
  • Assistance in the implementation of projects that are at idea stage.
  • Design, modernization and maintenance of equipment for food industry.

Working on individual project includes not only searching of non-standard solutions, ideas and implementing a ready-made concept. Each project is followed up to implementation, and forecasting of production efficiency is also carried out.

Guarantee of reliability

The activity of Empire of metals Ltd is fully licensed. Certificates confirm the quality of equipment for the food industry and compliance with all production and safety standards (including compliance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008). The enterprise also has patents for inventions in the field of production technologies.


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